Change Happens.



“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Stephen Hawking

Reboot. Crisis. Retcon. Rebirth. Change. Whether we’re ready or not, change happens. It is, as someone once said, an inevitable part of life. One little movement, one little alternative thought, and change happens. Does it create an alternate reality…a parallel timeline? We may never know. We may not even notice. We could liken it to an unending series of “What If?” issues, or several “Elseworlds” specials. You’re about to hear of two types of change. One of moving forward, and the other of a changing of the guard.

Let’s talk about the new guard first. Well…for some of you, the old guard. Really old. Fairly ancient, from what I’ve been told. For those who don’t know me well, I’m Dennis, the tall red-head who runs things on Sundays in our fair store. I’ve been many things – burger flipper, accounting supervisor, retail manager, and – currently – 6th grade teacher. It’s the retail manager role that got me into the comic industry. You might remember a store from years past named The Comic Gallery. I spent 18 wonderful years there, getting to know the people of San Diego’s comic community. After I went into teaching, I left that role behind. But, as you might have guessed, this is an industry that can get under your skin. That’s why, after 5 years out, I accepted Jamie’s offer to be part of his awesome crew here at Southern California Comics. They’re a fascinating bunch of people, and I count myself lucky to be in their presence.

As for this little corner of our website…well, Rob has graciously offered it to me. it will be very difficult to follow in his footsteps. As you may have noticed, he has a way with words. One that I hope to asipre to. My goal is to fill this space with interesting information about our world…comics, collecting, history…whatever comes to mind during the week. Perhaps a review or two of this week’s books. Maybe a piece about upcoming shows or events. Or…well, that’s where you come in. If you’d like to read about something specific, let me know. Perhaps you have some special knowledge about our hobby that you’d like to impart to the public. I’m willing to listen, and even transcribe a ‘guest post’ every so often.

And, if you want to talk shop, if you need help finding just the right gift, or want to pick my brain on some obscure comic trivia, well, come on by on Sundays. As Hayley Mills sang, “”Let’s get together, what do you say…we could have a swinging time.” Your Pal, Dennis.

To quote Mr. Fantastic in the incredible run of New Avengers written by Johnathan Hickman:

“Everything dies… And I accept that.”

After just under two years with Southern California Comics, I, Robert, previously the “Rob” of the infamous ROB-BOX, am moving on to another job. I’ve had a brilliant time working in the store, geting to know the amazing people who work here, and (not) writing the ROB-BOX. Jamie Newbold took a chance on hiring me when I was literally a nobody off of the street. He put a great deal of faith in me, and although I am almost positive he regrets the decision now, I hope he looks back on my time here and fondly remembers an employee who was not a colossal disappointment. Maybe, even, he’ll remember a mostly competent, tall-haired bloke. Only time will tell.

Alright, I’ll level with you; this post feels a little self-indulgent. We all knew the ROB-BOX was a vanity project, but not “award-ceremony-thank-you-speech” levels of vanity. But the prolific Big Red Dennis, who I know will bring his signature flair and vivaciousness to the new SOLCALCOMments, insisted upon this farewell.


Thank you Dennis for taking over the box, and being an unrelenting source of entertainment and support. Thank you Shawn and Charlie for welcoming me into the shop and joking with me (and tolerating me). Thank you Sam for being a patient teacher and mentor. Thank you Matt for being being the best work partner imaginable. Thank you Jamie for your stories, and for your hospitality, and for having this business in the first place. Thank you Ray and Caitlin and Becky for being excellent students, excellent friends and for stepping up in so many big and little ways. Thank you Kristin for answering the call to arms in my absence. And most importanly, thank you faceless, nameless audience– those of you who read the few ROB-BOXs (ROB-BOXES?), or who watched Danny and me “run ’em down till the sun went down” on the Sundown Rundown, or who came into the shop and chatted with me. I was here, you were here, and it was a time. Maybe, someday, we’ll be here together, again.

For now though, enjoy the musings of Dennis and whoever else decides to post their SOCALCOMment, get to know the new faces in the shop, and celebrate the fact that, while everything dies, everything lives as well.




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